Can be mixed in solutions of the current cleaning and disinfecting professional products. 

Support Chlorine  containing products , but also  Hydrogen peroxide / Peracetic acid products such as Ciro Clean - 55 Jet 5 , but also Ammonium bifluoride as Ciro Glass Clean , GS 4 etc.

With CIRO FOAM SUPPORT you need any expensive equipment product provides the required foam when it mixes with air. The more air support , the more foam. 

With CIRO FOAM SUPPORT you see what you cleans and disinfects.

CIRO FOAM SUPPORT simply in the sprayer and when it leaves the lance it mixes with air and become a foam layer.
Depending on the dose arises much or moderate foam

DOSAGE per 100 liters of spray solution .

50 cc .      Little foam but visible .
100 cc .    Foam visible and sinks slowly .
200 cc.     Many foam, they show up well , stay longer " hang " .

Add the Ciro foam support only as the tank is almost completely filled .
Then process the spray solution .
With the engine injection pressure should be at least 30 bar , preferably more.
You can also give Ciro foam support through a venturu system .