Is particular suitable for cleaning the several forms of pollution which are not removed by standard cleaning products.

Is suitable for use in Greenhouses , poultry farms, abattoirs, fish- and meat processors, gardeners, horticulturists etc .

Has a strong moisturizing and emulsifying effect on pollution, thus greatly intensifying the cleaning effect.


Due to the unique composition of CIRO PROTEIN REMOVER, solutions of less then 5% will not form matting of glass or corrosion on aluminum or stainless steel tubes, frames or equipment.


For removing persistent organic and synthetic contamination, such as urine, proteins, fats, animal- and synthetic carbohydrates.

Greenhouses, harvestwagons, tools, machines, cold store, glasshouses, tile paths etc.

Apply CIRO PROTEIN REMOVER in the correct solution with a high pressure sprayer.

Depending on the pollution gravity a solution between 2% (light) and 10% (heavy) is required.

Using a high-pressure sprayer gives the best results, because the foam is formed when CIRO PROTEIN REMOVER (FOAM) mixes with air.

The foam application is particularly useful because the foam keeps active ingredients longer at the surface.

Moreover, one can see exactly which parts are already treated and which are not.


By using CIRO PROTEIN REMOVER,  the breeding grounds for the growth of bacteriological contamination are taken away. In a short while several greenhouse growers became very enthusiastic about the use of our protein remover, because between each crop change it is required to remove green scale from the cultivation gutters, glass or plastic separation walls and concrete aisles.

One used products with nasty effects on the respiration and / or aggressive reactions to surfaces and they were searching for an excellent product without those unpleasant side effects.

CIRO PROTEIN REMOVER (FOAM) offers the solution.

Between crop changes all surfaces can be cleaned with a 3% solution.

The foam is created by using high-pressure sprayers with 10 to 15 bar to spray the solution at the surfaces and rinsing is not necessary.

After 24 hours all the surfaces are clean again and the water gutters look (almost) like new.

The product spreads a slight odor that has absolutely no effect on the respiration.

CIRO PROTEIN REMOVER (FOAM) contains specific surface protectors, precisely to avoid such corrosion or matting, provided one uses solutions 5% or less only.