Article 1.
These terms and conditions apply to all our offers, deliveries and services unless expressly waived in writing will advance by us of these conditions.

Article 2.
All offers are not binding unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. An agreement is concluded only when we have confirmed an order in writing or given actual implementation.

Article 3.
The seller may require a written confirmation of an agreement entered into by any buyer / client. If such confirmation is not received by Seller within 8 days after order confirmation or request of the seller, the seller may contract whether as
expire consider.
If the supply of goods and / or work already begun may be delayed or discontinued without being liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the buyer / client and with full rights of the seller. After receiving confirmation from buyers, seller reserves the express right, whether or not to commence with delivery or work, or to resume

Article 4.

Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing is considered price the price on the day of (storage) delivery.

Seller is entitled to price increases, which arose after the conclusion of the agreement, but for the   (up) supply and calculate the result of increases in raw material or material price or wage increases or increases in rates of duties or taxes to the buyer / principal and adjust the agreed price to the price valid on the day of (storage) delivery, although that provide higher than in the contract or in the offer.
Article 5.
By delivering our goods travel at the expense and risk of the customer / buyer. Failure to timely acceptance by the customer / buyer, the risk passes at the moment when the (up) delivery was due, even if the goods are at seller.

Article 6.
We strive for the supply of goods or the provision of services as much as possible to make happen at the agreed times. However, the times given are not binding on us and can not be regarded as final, unless otherwise expressly agreed. (UP) delivery later than the agreed date, the client / buyer never be a reason or ground to recover his termination of the agreement.

Article 7.
In case of force -including include all circumstances arise outside or through no fault of Seller (including machinery breakdown, strikes, war conditions, exclusions and / or labor interventions sellers own business or businesses of sellers suppliers), which are of such a nature that timely or further performance of the contract temporarily or definitively not gevergd- seller may be, we have the right to contract, to the extent that has not been done and to suspend part or all dissolved explained by simple communication to the client / purchaser. In such case, the client / buyer only obliged to pay a price commensurate with it performed part of the agreement.

Article 8.
All goods supplied by the vendor's property as long as they remain on whatever basis have to recover any amount from the customer / buyer. Seller is entitled to exercise its rights as owner and by him to take goods back if the customer / buyer's payment obligations under the Agreement and / or these terms and conditions against him not, not fully, or not timely

Article 9.
The seller is in no way responsible for both oral and written advice given by him with respect to storage, transport, use or application of the products delivered.
All provided by vendor manual and dosage instructions serve only as free advice and it may therefore by client / buyer regarding seller never to any liability. For application and use of the products of seller remains client / buyer at all times responsible and it can not be derived from any liability in respect of the seller.
The client / buyer needs the goods or completed works immediately after (up) delivery to investigate and seller to immediately notify any defects or complaints.
Seller is not obliged to handle complaints if more than 7 days (up) delivery have passed and the client / buyer has failed to examine the work performed or goods delivered. When opening the packaging or in the commissioning of the goods delivered by the seller, or cleaned and / or machined equipment vendor accept any liability for any direct or indirect damage arising therefrom. The commissioning of goods or by the vendor / contractor cleaned or processed equipment implies complete acceptance and / or approval by the buyer / client.
Seller is in no way liable for damages resulting from the application and use of the products supplied by him. Only if the buyer / customer in writing to seller says what damage seller is liable, and the seller has accepted responsibility in writing, seller is obliged to compensate the direct damage to the treated products. In no way can also consequential damages are claimed.
In cases of justified complaints, which have been notified in time to us, we will never be liable to over-charge redelivery of the goods supplied free of charge or reenactment of the assigned work. We are in no way liable for damages in respect of business interruption or loss of turnover, while in all cases our liability is limited to a maximum of the invoice amount.
Complaints or liability on account of allegedly defective (up) delivery give the customer / buyer the right not to honor its payment obligations towards us or suspend.
Seller is not liable for consequential damages and / or damage caused directly by the seller and / or its products or might be caused.
To the extent required or voluntarily seller has signed any liability, its liability shall be limited to the coverage of such insurance. All costs, thus explicitly also the costs incurred by the seller, are fully borne by the buyer until the liability is fully established. If the seller is not liable, all costs incurred, including those of the vendor and all costs incurred to investigate which party is the liability, are fully borne by the buyer / client.
Seller is not liable for products and goods from vendor by client / buyer are supplied to third parties.

Article 10.
Seller warrants that the goods comply with the composition given by him, subject to the tolerances that have arisen outside vendors responsibility, such as differences in weights and concentrations in manufacture of products used as inputs and raw materials and tolerances that can occur when creating or manufacture of products in-house. The differences in the composition will be 15% in weight or volume percentages up or down limit. The measurements, weights and numbers as perfor
med by seller and listed, determine the quantity delivered. Complaints about deviations of less than 15% too much or too little will not be accepted. Buyer / client always has the right to present measurement, weighing or counting his order to exert control.

Article 11.
All invoices dienen- unless otherwise beding- within 14 days after the invoice date without any deduction and without any positive discrimination to be met. If the invoice amount is not paid is on the client / buyer an interest of 1% of the unpaid part of the invoice amount for each month or part thereof by which the payment is exceeded. Only payments are valid, which are made in the manner specified by us. Outside of the purchase price with interest due described above the seller is entitled to the buyer / customer all costs of non-payment
buyer / customer caused, both judicial and extrajudicial, including collection costs and costs of bankruptcy.

Article 12.
The conditions of sale are governed by Dutch law. All disputes, including refusal or failure to pay the faktuurbedragen and / or interest and costs to be tried by the competent court of the registered office of the vendor or the customer / buyer, unless the parties have their disputes entrusted to an arbitration court.

MelClean bv
Roosendaal 14-08-2017