PeraClean 5

Two powerful disinfectant, recognized as a food grade sanitizer with organic status, containing Peroxyacetic Acid, for the use in all areas of horticulture and agriculture for the disinfection of all surfaces including glasshouses, tools, pots, benches, equipment, paths buildings stores and irrigation systems.


Effectively combats bacteria, yeasts and moulds

PeraClean 5 /15

 ® products have proven highly effective for applications in the food and Agro industry over years. In the PeraClean 5 /15

 ® line Ciro Products provides products with a wide range of per acetic acid concentrations. A particular feature of per acetic acid is its very broad spectrum of anti-microbial effects, its fast reaction and its excellent effectiveness at low temperatures.

PeraClean 5 /15 ® does not form any chlorinated compounds. If discharged into an effluent stream, it rapidly decomposes into water, oxygen and acetic acid, which is readily biodegradable.

PeraClean 5 /15 ® is used in the foodstuffs and beverage industry for disinfecting apparatuses, equipment, surfaces, containers, tanks, pipes, glass and plastic bottles. In this context its use usually constitutes part of the cleaning process. The surfaces to be treated are normally pre-cleaned and rinsed, before being disinfected.

The concentration of PeraClean 5 /15 ® and the exposure time required for disinfection depends on the application, frequency of cleaning and disinfecting intervals and on the resulting level of germs. It is always advisable to conduct microbiological checks in order to optimise the concentration and exposure time for any given disinfecting task. Treated surfaces are always rinsed with water before reuse. 

Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.

For each  biocide, the user must adhere to the conditions imposed by the admission in the country. Use plant protection products and Biocides safely. Before use, read the label and the MSDS. Possibility of sale is subject to registration requirements in the different countries.