Drip irrigation products are of vital concern.

In the cultivation substrate, the watering system is the lifeblood of  the greenhouse. The drip lines are very sensitive to precipitation of calcium phosphate, iron, etc. But also organic pollution may be a cause of constipation. All kinds of pollution can be the cause: algae in rain water basin, salts, algae and mucus by bacteria in the pipes and drippers, or leaf and root residues into the gutter and drainage into the drain. The saying "prevention is better than cure" certainly applies to these problems. To clean the piping of all types of pollution MelClean Agro bv has a range of various drip water products available for all types of water systems.

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Ciro Organic OX

CIRO ORGANIC Prevents and removes bio-film and organic pollution. Provides stabilization of pH in the night hours so that when initiate the first drop turn there will be no need for additional drainage. Increases oxygen in the feeding water and the rockwool or soil.


Prevents and removes deposits of minerals like calcium, iron phosphate, etc. 100% safe for plants and user. Forms complexes with inorganic salts, prevents uneven release of drippers but also of the sprinkler system. Is effective against the formation of biofilm (slime) and other organic pollution. 

Ciro Mineral.

CIRO MINERAL forms complexes with all types of salts, making it no longer possible for deposit to occur in various water systems. Also, all existing deposits will slowly be dissolved and disappear from the system. CIRO MINERAL prevents and removes deposits of minerals like calcium and iron phosphate.