Ciro Easy Flow ®

Ciro Easy Flow ® has been stabilized for prime performance. No more need to mix the chemicals yourself, and no need to use measuring equipment that is prone to interference

One complete product, all that is needed to keep your system clean from both organic and nonorganic.

Ciro Easy Flow ® is a stable product that has no reaction time.

No more need to premix different products. Prevents attachment of inorganic salts. Will not create a chemical reaction with the substrate solution and is bio-degradable


Because Ciro Easy Flow ® contains a solution of both organic acid, active oxide (peroxide) and anionic detergents, Ciro Easy Flow is safe for use in all types of water. From spring water, from spring water, to basin and even tap water.

Ciro Easy Flow ® can (gradually) clean already polluted and caked systems.

Drippers and lines in drip cultivation are prone to pollution. Especially during sunny and dry weather days, blockage of the irrigation system can quickly have a disastrous impact on the crops.

Different kind of pollution can be the cause of this; algae or bacteria in the rainwater basin or irrigation lines, salts, or leaf and root remains in the gutters and drainpipes.

Accumulations of organic and inorganic pollution can also occur due to fluctuation temperatures in the lines, a period of low dripping, or the use of a lot of ammonia

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. That is why it is very important to take certain factors into consideration when installing an irrigation system. From the point of the water intake from the basin to the discharge of the draining water, keeping the water clean is a job that has to be taken seriously.

Why do drippers and lines need to stay clean?

Drippers and pipes need to remain clean in order to allow a thorough irrigation and to prevent an oxygen deprived situation in the lines, which might create growth issues. 

Advice and Warnings

WARNING With regards to highly polluted systems it is necessary to regularly drain the irrigation system when you start using Ciro Organic OX. In most cases Ciro Easy Flow ® takes one week to become effective. Its active substance can be measured easily the simple Ciro Organic OX testing strips.

Never mix Ciro Easy Flow ® with other substances besides water.

Do not spray it on plant material.

Dosage: 4,0 to 5,0 liter (depending on the degree of pollution of the intake water) in the B-tank (1000 liter, 100 times concentrated)

All trace elements in the A-tank.

Do not dispense Ciro Easy Flow ® until the B-tank is filled over 70 percent. The B-tank and any other materials need to be clean and free of any liquids besides water.  

Ciro EasyFlow ® can be dispensed through a dosing pump directly into the mixing tank or mixing tube. (40 to 50ml per 1000 liter depending on the degree of pollution).

When you are using a daily stock storage you must inject directly mixing tank or tube.