Organic OX

An oxidizing cleaner for cleaning drip irrigation systems, pipes and sprinkler installations. Ciro Organic OX contains hydrogen peroxide and stabilizers.

Ciro Organic OX is suitable for all types of water, such as spring water, rainwater, osmosis water and so forth.

Ciro Organic OX, will stabilize the pH levels of the water during the nightly hours of the day, which means there is no need to drain the system before you remove dripping.

Ciro Organic OX prevents irregular release from the drippers and the irrigation installation.

Ciro Organic OX increases the oxygen levels in the irrigation systems and the mat

Ciro Organic OX is a stabile product that knows no reaction time; there is no more need to premix different products.

Ciro Organic OX contains no Polyacrylates, peracetic acid of performic acid.

Ciro Organic OX has been stabilized for prime performance. 

Advice and Warnings

WARNING With regards to highly polluted systems it is necessary to regularly drain the irrigation system when you start using Ciro Organic OX. In most cases Ciro Organic OX takes one week to become effective. Its active substance can be measured easily with Ciro Organic OX testing strips.

Never mix Ciro Organic OX with other substances besides water.

Do not spray it on plant material.

Dosage: 4,0 to 5,0 liter (depending on the degree of pollution of the intake water) in the B-tank (1000 liter, 100 times concentrated)

All trace elements in the A-tank.

Do not dispense Ciro Organic OX until the B-tank is filled over 70 percent. The B-tank and any other materials need to be clean and free of any liquids besides water.  

Ciro Organic OX can be dispensed through a dosing pump directly into the mixing tank or mixing tube. (40 to 50ml per 1000 liter depending on the degree of pollution.

Whene you are using a daily stock storage you must inject directly mixing tank or tube.